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This site was last updated on February 28, 2017


Welcome to the Klamath Writers' Guild website.  Although our site continues to evolve the links to the left are active.  Be sure to check our Calendar for the latest on our 2017 meeting schedule!  Select The Guild to find out about our group, how to become a member or what meetings you can attend as a guest.  When you attend a meeting here is what you'll discover.

Members of the Guild consist of published and unpublished writers who support each other in the craft of writing.  Individuals who are just exploring their desire to write will find guidance and experienced writers will receive the honest critique we all want before sending off our work to an agent or publisher.  This diverse group includes novelists, screenwriters, poets, song writers, journalist, and editors.  From short stories to epic novels the meetings provide opportunities for all genres.  Attend a meeting and you could hear everything from poetry or a musician offering his latest song, to young adult novels, science fiction, fantasy, or real life stories just to name a few of the works being presented for critique at the time of this posting.


The Klamath Writers' Guild will be holding our meetings in the Houston Building at 403 Main Street, downtown Klamath Falls.  The Building is owned by Debra Gisriel, CEO of Fisher Nicholson Realty, LLC.  Debra is a writer and a member of the Guild who has graciously offered meeting space in her building after the County Commissioners sold the town's community meeting space.

The Klamath Writers' Guild is grateful for Debra and Fisher Nicholson Realty's support in providing space for our non-profit group.

See our link to the left for the latest edition of Literally Speaking featuring the following short stories: 

Sister Spatula and the Clippers by Ed Silling;  Trapped by J.C. Phillips; and Terra 2 by Shirley Leggett.

New Release by Kami Corban

Battlefield of the Body: Reasons to Use Your Mind to Fight Cancer

Nobody should ever have to hear a doctor say, "You have cancer." This sentence strikes more fear than any other in the human heart, especially if you've lost loved  ones to the disease. You may believe cancer is a death sentence, even if it isn't one. At the time of this writing in 2017, with all the advances in medicine, its unknown origin and progression still terrify.

If your life has been touched by cancer, please know you're not alone. I've walked miles and miles in your shoes. Now it's time for you to sit down, put your feet up and take a breath.  I hope this book will encourage you. You're the reason I wrote it.

Battlefield of the Body: Reasons to Use Your Mind to Fight Cancer is now available at Amazon.


For more information about Kami Corban and other books she's written please see her link to the left.

Check out the latest books by Jean Lamb and Pam Cowan.

     Jean Lamb's latest release: Phoenix in Shadow

     (Chronicles of the Phoenix Empire, Book 1)

     is a rich fantasy saga with romance at its heart,

     though there is plenty of other action for other

     characters in the magical world of this book.

    Phoenix in Shadow is available on Amazon

     Cold Kill by Pamela Cowan is now available on Amazon. 

     Pamela Cowan is a Pacific Northwest author

     (and extended member of the Klamath Writers' Guild)

     who is best know for her contemporary crime novels.

     Cold Kill is her latest novel based in the fictional Eulalona County, Oregon,

     where former Sheriff's Deputy Keyla Shaffer, is recovering from a

     shooting that left her an amputee. 

     All she wants is to prove her worth. 

     But when an angry man seeking revenge makes her his target,

     will she be prepared to meet the challenge and survive?

Upcoming 2018 open meetings dates for writers
at our new location 403 Main St., Klamath Falls are

March 5th and 19th

See our Calendar link to the left for a complete list of 2018 meeting dates.